Taos Home Staging

As an Accredited Staging Professional Taos brokerage, we offer our listing clients the added value service of home staging, which has proven to help increase the sale price and reduce the time a home is on the market compared to similar competitive properties. Staged homes show better and are recognized by buyers and other REALTORS® as properties that are ready to sell.

Designing a home for sale differs from designing a home to live in. Using existing furnishings and supplementing only when necessary, we create the perception of an impressive, successful lifestyle by eliminating variables known to inhibit perceived value and incorporating tested interior and exterior design principles that bring a home to its potential. Home buyers feel a connection with the emotion of the design; something not possible in empty or ineffectively designed homes.

Our professional stagers and sub-contractors offer a variety of services to include space planning, interior design, painting, repairs, re-models, landscaping, packing, moving, and storage as required for interior and exterior needs.

Staged homes are not a new endeavor, although in the past was reserved for a small percentage of larger homes and estates. Across the nation today it is being recognized in many markets as a pre-requisite for a fast sale. We exercise absolute discretion and assure confidentiality on all business transactions.

If you’d like High Country Real Estate Services to list and stage your home, contact us today for more information.

Initial consultation: $350 (Complimentary for listed and closed properties)

Fees: $1.00 per square foot plus sub-contracted labor and material. (Complimentary for listed and closed properties)

“Shell Brodnax, a spokeswoman for the home staging professionals association, says a recent study of West Coast homes found that 17 out of 25 staged homes sold within seven days and the rest within 30 days. All were at or above asking price…”

“Staging speeds up sales in a sluggish market,” Ms. Schwarz says, “can bump up prices 2% to 10% in a moderate market. The biggest advantage to staging occurs with luxury homes or in a market with bidding wars over properties, where effective staging can boost prices by 20% to 50%.”

“According to the National Association of REALTORS©, in 2003, a typical home sold in five weeks. The Realtors association reports that in most markets, the final sales price is rarely greater than the list price. More often, a buyer either pays the list price, or the buyer and seller negotiate a lower price. In 2003, only 11 percent of home sellers nationally sold a home for more than the list price. To quickly sell a home for top dollar, real estate agents advise home sellers to get control of their emotions about the home and place themselves in the shoes of potential buyers. Look at your home the way a potential buyer would, and make it appealing.”