Taos Property Concierge


Rest easy when you’re away from Taos knowing we are fully licensed and insured to care for your home. Your Property Concierge makes random weekly inspections of your Taos property inside out securing windows and doors, watching for pest infestation and other unexpected damage to your property. Propane levels are checked to prevent loss of heat, and appropriate seasonal temperatures are maintained.


We respond quickly at your direction to manage necessary repairs and routine maintenance such as snow removal or deck oiling with our reliable network of Taos real estate service providers. We supervise all sub-contracted services and oversee access to your property. Our sign is posted in a visible location on your property to discourage unauthorized visitors and to provide emergency crews with immediate contact information.


In anticipation of your arrival, we ensure that your home is prepared to your specification from temperature to light settings. Services such as house cleaning, firewood delivery, window washing or landscape maintenance are available at your discretion whether or not you are in residence. Additional custom property management, design and concierge services are available upon request. Sound good? Contact us today for more information.

We offer Concierge Services to include but not limited to the following:


House and Window Cleaning

Stocking pantry/refrigerator pre-arrival

Cleaning out perishables post-departure

House and pet sitting

Space Planning and Storage Solutions

Downsizing and Staging Services

Packing and Moving services

Catering or in-home chef

Landscape maintenance

Dry cleaning and Laundry

Prescription pick up

Post office & mailing

Shopping and returns

Airport pickup and drop off

Appointment Scheduling and transportation

Airport pick up and drop off

Entertainment reservations

Individual and Group painting classes


Set up Fee: $75

Contracted pre-paid base monthly fee: $120 within the Taos Valley area. Additional charges may apply.

Sub-contracted or Concierge Services: $30 per hour management fee