Nate Lones

Associate Broker

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Associate Broker and Relocation Coordinator Nate Lones was previously the principle of a small consulting firm specializing in operations management, telecom, and contacts center strategy. He focused  on consulting with start-ups to develop their operational best practices,  and crafting a cohesive sales and marketing narrative.   Nate also worked with major brands in multiple capacities, including  running the  outsourced piece Michael Kors North American customer service,  and working with Life is Good to find the perfect third party contact center partner.   His philosophy was: Listen, Learn, and Provide Solutions with an emphasis on stakeholder engagement.

Prior to consulting,  Nate was  Vice  President  of  Customer Success for a startup in  Silicon  Valley  and the  VP  of  Sales  Operations for a  Telemarketing  Brokerage where he was based out of the Dominican  Republic.  Nate has extensive sales and operations management expertise,  with previous responsibility for several  hundred  sales representatives.   He brings a wealth of international experience, having spent over 10 years working with teams in Latin America and the Philippines.

Nate is a California native, growing up in Mammoth Lakes and the Bay Area. He attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo on a football scholarship,  and later joined Army ROTC.  Nate graduated with a BA in Political Science and an insatiable wanderlust. This led to a career as a commercial diver before moving to the Dominican Republic on a whim.

Nate came to Taos to visit his Mom after a stint in Silicon Valley, and the next thing he knew his wife had a new job, his son was in school, and his family was firmly rooted in the community. He is currently a volunteer instructor of adult and kids Brazilian Jujitsu where he can put his black belt to use teaching others.



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